Paste and Paper

Paste and paper is my digital scrapbook. A place where I can collate some of my scribbled notes, torn out pages, bits of things and beginnings of ideas.

I keep notes in my phone because I hate forgetting things that I see and like, and I love stumbling upon little reminders and then researching them to find out more.

I love the scribbles people make on paper that can turn into big ideas, the thoughts we have in our heads and the words that actually come out, the things you see and the corners and edges which connect them.

This is the space I have chosen to collect design ideas that I love, interiors that I crave for, photos and articles which provide inspiration and architecture that evokes memory even when
you havn't been there.

All words and images in this blog are by Lizzie (me), unless stated otherwise, so please credit where credit's due x


Nokia Gulp short film, another mini masterpiece from Wieden + Kennedy

Nick Kapros


The photographer and graphic designer Nick Kapros talks to Dazed Digital about his great hunger for sights, the need to keep moving, seeing the world and maintaining ambition.


His photography is unusually beautiful and captures the subject of the photograph with grace, evoking memory, nostalgia- sometimes emptiness with a subtle focus on detail that brings the scene to life.

Read the full interview with Nick Kapros as Dazed Digital

All images courtesy of Dazed Digital

Grand Designers

Another week has gone by I have finally gotten round to writing about Grand Designs Live…

Last year I went with my good friend Margarita from handmade homeware and accessories company Chocolate Creative and posted by findings on her blog. We where delighted to find an array of great designers and small business ventures in the design arcade, so this year I went along to revisit exhibitors that I liked from last year and to discover new talents.

Grand Designs Live is dedicate to showcasing the best in design, from contemporary building and renovation solutions, large commercial design companies to start-up ventures and new designers.

The show is held in the Excel Centre and houses over 500 stands. heading straight for the design arcade I had hoped to see last years favourites exhibiting again, but found that there was a lot less space dedicated to solo designers and smaller businesses than last year, never the less the exhibitors that where there still made their presence know.

Printed textile designs from Antii Sullivan

Contemporary british furniture by James

Unique and elegant crafted furniture from Jody Leach

Quality, handmade retro inspired kitchen cabinetry from The Retro Kitchen Company

The letter A

Inspired by Creative Review’s prolific blog and twitter content from the past year, interdisciplinary studio MiniVegas have created the annual ‘A’ emblazoned cover of the magazine

Composed of thousands of newspaper-like cuttings loosly wrapped around the shape of the letter, the image is as iconic as last years cover created by Craig Ward who used thousands of pollen cells grown in an immunology lab to create the structure.

This year MiniVegas have teamed up with Nexus Interactive Arts to create a downloadable desktop named The Annualizer. The tool which can be download from here and allows you to collate content from across the site from the past year and recreate the letterhead.  

All images courtesy of Creative Review Blog

Perfect finds from Country Living Live

In celebration of 20 years of exhibiting, Country Living Magazine hosted its annual Spring Fair at The Business Design Centre in Islington Last week.The fair showcased over 400 independent retailers revisiting fair favourites as well as assembling 125 new faces in the art, craft and design world

I love Rachael Dormor’s naturally shaped and elegantly moulded contemporary porcelain tableware. Painted in retro blue, white and pale green her collection stood out for me as being one of the best on show. 

Rachel has been creating ceramics for the past 20 years and her experience showed not only in her craftsmanship, but in her beautifully composed display stand. Her large porcelain dishes, cups, bowls and pouring jugs where cushioned in a 50’s painted dressing table, adorned with blueberries and perched neatly on vintage wooden shelves.

The  peep of colour from the pink tulips used to decorate the shelves made her white ceramics look fresh and contemporary and would make a perfect addition to any springtime breakfast table

Hand drawn by artist Charlotte Flemming and printed on fresh white cotton, textile company Made with Love  does exactly what it says on the tin. Woven together with lines from old recipes and poetry books, her prints are reflective of the seaside countryside she lives in and evoke memories of the past whilst being contemporary in their graphic print style and decorative element.


Aptly placed in the village green section of the fair, Beg were in prime position for the launch of their product range and introduction to their new and exciting brand.

Hand- built in Belgium and modelled on traditional Sit Up and BEG style vintage bicycles, the setting looked like a perfect spring picnic, complete with a range of beautifully painted bikes in light spring 1930’s green, toad and persephone pink colours, plaid wool picnic rugs, leather satchels and vintage leather tea flasks resting on wicker  baskets. Beg’s pure form, minimal choice of decor and retro styling, make for an exciting contemporary twist on traditional and vintage design. A brand, that I am absolutely sure we are going to see a lot more of.

Made with Love images from

All other images by myself

Colour me up

Doors in Dover Tale No.267

I got the Farrow&Ball colour chart through the post today, not because I’m decorating but because I love their new colour schemes, I love paint charts and I love daydreaming about what my house will look like the day I am fortunate enough to own one!

Spring feels like it’s creeping fast around the corner and everything feels a bit lighter and fresher.

Ceiling and chair in Stone Blue No.86

The styling is kept simple in these images, the use of vintage painted chairs and old tin lamps perfectly compliment the clean brush strokes and the colour combinations which define the corners and edges of the rooms. Rather than being bright and bold, the spring colours are made up of rich pigments with a matt finish, giving them the feeling of timeless elegance mixed with contemporary style distinctive to the Farrow&Ball ethos, branding and imagery .


Wall above picture rail in Dix Blue No.82

All images by Farrow and Ball

Country Living


My press pass to the Country Living Magazine’s Spring Fair came through the letterbox today, a nice spring treat for a slightly chilly day!

The fair runs from 23-27 March 2011 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London and promises to showcase a fine selection of independent retailers and some of the best in British Design and craftsmanship.

Craft and design shows are a great way to get inspiration for your homes, stumble across new designers, go to talks, indulge in a bit of retail therapy or just to have nice day out!

I’m looking forward to the Homes and Interiors section, so look out for a little review to come!

All images by Country Living Magazine

Knife and saw

Beautifully hand crafted solid wood objects come courtesy of Chris Brigham of Knife and Saw.

His range of functional and beautiful furniture, objects and frames reveal his graphic design background and define him as a talented craftsman with great creative vision.

For people looking for an artful storage solution or those in love with your bike, Chris’s bike shelf is the perfect companion for your wall!

All images from Knife and saw

The printed word

This month in her editorial letter, Elle Decoration’s Michelle Ogundehin rewrote a paragraph from a recent article in American Vogue. It headlined:

This is not the Internet. Feel free to curl up and settle in… magazines can’t blink on and off. They don’t show video or deliver ads that pop out of nowhere. You can’t DVR magazines and you cant play games on them. But you can take them to the beach , to bed or just about anywhere else and, chances are, it will engage, entertain and enlighten you in ways no other medium can.”

It seems a strange thing to be writing as a first entry on a very obviously digital medium. However it’s reassuring to know that in the age of digital, quick fixes and fast words there is still a desire for analogue communication. 

Browsing through the web is an amazing tool that we have access to, and one which is constantly evolving and growing, but it’s nice to stop and pick up a book, flick through the pages of a magazine or scribble in a diary too, and who knows it may be just the thing that inspires you to get typing!